Friday 13 September 2013

Organizing your Travel Budget

Well, I am about to attempt the transatlantic trip with a toddler on my own. It's going to be an experience, or as I like to call it, "The Big Crazy".  I already know that nap times will be non-existent, and I'm hoping/praying for a lot of grace and kindness from the strangers in our immediate vicinity on the airplane!

In order to make The Big Crazy a little less loco, I actually sat down and discussed a trip  budget with my hubby.  While I'm on my own with Eli, I knew it would be far too easy to pull out the trusty credit card in moments of desperation, without thinking about the source of that mystical plastic card's magic. (Hint: The source is our bank account.  Unfortunately not magical.)  

Since I'm headed home on a budget, we decided that cash would be the best option.  Obviously, I will still have the magic plastic in case of emergencies. The first step was to work out what my estimated expenditure would be for various items.  I know I'm getting my hair done, I know I'll eat out a good bit, and I know I want a little "fun" money for those miscellaneous goodies! 

With my new, crisp dollar bills, I used an oldie but a goodie to organize my travel dough: the Envelope System.  

I debated whether or not to get cash before I fly, for fear of losing it, etc. In the end, Jim and I agreed that the better exchange rate I would get by getting cash here in the U.K. was worth the risk.  If I carefully organize my carry on luggage, I figure I'll be less likely to accidentally misplace any of the cash.

I found a small plastic wallet for less than a pound, which will easily fit in my purse, and will be handy for the cash envelopes.  It's also a good way to corral our passports and itineraries while we are travelling, so that they don't get lost in  drown in the abyss of my carry on bag.
This is my attempt to stick to a budget while travelling, and  I'm really hoping our credit card bill (and my husband) will thank me.

Before I hit the road next week, I'll share how I organized the rest of my carry on luggage.   (Psst....I haven't actually done this yet, and I could probably  definitely use some tips from YOU on organized travelling with a toddler).

How do you organize your travel budget?  Can you give me any tips on airplane must haves with a toddler?

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  1. Good luck traveling! Our son was 6 months the only time we've ever flown, so sadly I don't have any tips for toddlers :( Thankfully he was still immobile, using a paci, and drinking from bottles! But I will say that everyone on the plane was so nice and understanding, and the airport staff was always willing to help out--like with the stroller and baggage when going through security, getting on the plane, etc.

  2. Hi Beth, just wanted to let you know I've nominated you for a Liebster Award. The details are over at my blog :)


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