Monday 16 September 2013

Herringbonified Planter

So, you guys remember a little while ago, I posted about my crush on herringbone.  I thought I could incorporate some herringbone into our decor...for free!  It was going to be awesome!!

I decided, that I'd like to have a plant (which I will probably kill is already dying) in our room. So, I thought I would make over a boring, black plant pot that I had laying around.  Here you have it: my herringbone planter!

First, I painted it white. (I really need to start painting stuff a colour other than white.  I'll get on that soon. ;) )
(Everyone say "Hey!" to Murphy's butt! ha)

Then, everything went a little bit........horribly wrong.

I thought I'd use a silver sharpie to do the herringbone pattern. It didn't end well.  So, instead I used painters tape to tape off a herringbone pattern, and sprayed it with metallic silver.  That didn't go as badly, but it still wasn't great.

If I put some pretty, mini roses in it and tell everyone to squint when they look at it, maybe no one will notice the paint bleed? Maybe....

Don't judge me okay?

At least it's going in our room.  It doesn't look terrible with our temporary windowsil display, right?
By the way, we have moved back into our room now, which may have been a big mistake.  The new black out curtains keep it nice and dark.  And the bed is so warm.  And it's starting to get cold outside.

Have I mentioned my tendency to hibernate over winter?  Between that, and the fact that I'm in America on my own with a toddler this week, let's just agree not to expect a "reveal" of our bedroom until next spring! ;)

Just kidding.  I'm hoping to get our new dresser stained when I get back from America.  So hopefully sometime in October I'll finally be able to show you our room!

How do you guys avoid paint bleed when doing more detailed projects like this?  Is "Frog tape" really better than normal painter's tape? 


  1. I think it looks perfect, Beth! Love the title of this post--you're so clever ;)

  2. I love it!! I've been scratching my head trying to figure out how to add more gray accents to our bedroom (we're doing gray & white and it's about 90% white right now lol) -- painting something like this would be a perfect addition!! Thank you for the inspo!! Can't wait to see the big reveal!

  3. Aw, Beth, that's so pretty! Love the combo of silver, gold and white. It's so classy!

    Annie XO


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