Monday 22 July 2013

Patchwork Meal Planner

Remember that time when I started this blog, and I said I would share a few recipes? Well this week, that statement is finally going to be true!

One of the jobs you suddenly acquire when you become a wife is feeding yourself and another human being.  If that other human being is anything like my husband, you must learn to cook meals which can be either 5,000 calories (for husband) or 50 calories (for me). So...maybe that's a bit of an exaggerated representation of the range of calories, but still....  Cooking for two people with very different caloric requirements is tricky!

Having said that, I eventually found a way to cook meals which are healthy, satisfying, and filling for both of us after a few years of marriage. But now I need to feed a growing kid too....and I think we're all going to starve. Unless......

I make a meal planner to hang in the kitchen?

 That's right.  It's simple. It's pretty. It's free.  You can print it and hang it on your fridge!  (Just click on the picture below, save the image to your desktop, and print away!)

{Individual Tiles Design Source}
After the craziest of crazy summers, I'm re-focusing some of my energy on feeding our family healthy, yummy meals.  Just recently, far too many frozen pizza's and other convenience foods have been consumed around here for my liking. But now....we're eating quinoa.....
 Elijah is pretty easy to feed, because he will eat whatever me and Jim eat....and also dirt. One very important reason I want to make sure we're all eating healthy stuff is that you can't get all the nutrition you need from dirt. Who knew?  I've included a place for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.  Right now, this is just laminated and hanging on the fridge. I use a dry erase marker to fill in the meals for the week. 

I was using a plain white table on a piece of paper for meal planning purposes, but this is so much prettier!  
 Stay tuned later this week for one of my favourite new recipes... AND I'll be sharing a recipe from my friend Dawn over at Porridge.  It's gonna be the bomb.

 How do you plan out meals for the week? Do you hang your meal plan on the fridge to help you stay on track?

In case you were wondering, the little numbers in the bottom right of the squares are the Weight Watchers Pro Points for each meal-- I always plan less points in a day than my actual allowance, because I know that somewhere along the way, I might accidentally  stuff my face with  have a few chocolates or chips.

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  1. Did I tell you yet that I might have to use this meal planner in addition to the chalkboard I already have - it's that fabulous. ;) Thanks for linking up to Give Me the Goods!

    Rachel @ Maison de Pax


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