Friday, 19 July 2013

Master of Disguise

Now that I shared our finished laundry room with you guys, it's time to let you know about the next project we've got in the pipeline!

I know I mentioned a few months ago about creating an Aqua and Gold guest room, but plans change.  Now that the wonderful onslought of summer guests has come to an end, the guest room seems suddenly less important. Having said that, we've now had a break of fixing things up around here, so it is time to get cracking on another home improvement project.  Originally,we were going to hire professionals to tackle the upstairs bathroom, but we like to have a buffer in our savings account in case of emergencies.....the bathroom was going to wipe us out. So, we decided to take on a project with a smaller budget: The Master Bedroom.

I don't know about you guys, but our master bedroom has a tendency to become a dumping ground for clothes and stuff throughout the week. (Especially clean laundry--who else hates putting away the laundry?!) Also, I always leave water bottles in the bedroom.  Always.  The other day I literally brought 7 downstairs. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME and WHY CAN'T I BREAK THAT HABIT?!  It's a place where the door is always shut, because it is generally a mess--the master bedroom is probably one of the most neglected rooms in our house in terms of cleaning and tidying.
All the while, the master bedroom is supposed to be a place where husband and wife can unwind at the end of an eventful day of chasing after children.  It should be a romantic, relaxing, inviting room where you and your other half want to spend quality time together without distraction. (Get your mind out of the gutters people-- I'm not talking about "that"....or at least not just "that".)  Sometimes, Jim and I barely have a moment to even speak to each other before our heads hit the pillow at night.  We usually take time to catch up, talk about our days, and pray together before we go to sleep.  These are all things that should be done in a relaxing, enjoyable environment.

Allow me to point out a few things that make me twitch violently every time I walk in the room do not promote relaxation in our bedroom....
There is so. many. things. happening. in this room. 

 Here's a re-cap of what you can see in this image:
*4 different types of wood: dark wood, pine, black, and birch effect.....
*Brown Vertical Blinds
*Awkward Light Switch
*Crooked curtains
*Lack of Shoe storage
*Awkward long, single radiators (with towels on them).

Here's what we plan to do to address these issues:
*Move furniture/purchase/paint furniture to limit the wood to white, and dark wood.
*Get rid of the vertical blinds.
*Get electricians in to remove awkward light switch (and add two outlets in another part of the room)
*New Curtain Rails& Curtains (that actually touch the floor).
*Shoe storage-- not sure yet....but there are some ideas a-brewin!
*Replace two single radiators with one, double radiator (and some hooks for towels!)

In addition to these plans, we are also going to:
*Remove and replace the carpets.
*Remove and replace the baseboards.
*Paint the walls/ceiling/windowsills.
*Add a new light fixture.

My favourite features of our bedroom as it is:
*The light!  With three big windows, we get lots of light streaming in.
*The wooden beams on the ceiling (which we have throughout the house)
*The picture above the bed. (A relatively recent addition, which is staying and providing some inspiration for the new colour scheme!)

One last view of the bedroom, looking down the hallway looking into the room.....
 Hopefully that's the last time you'll see it looking like this!  Starting Monday, Jim & I moved into the guest room and we're getting to work!

We are going to try to complete the project as close to £1000  as possible (although it may end up being closer to  £1500)...including carpet, furniture, electricians, curtains, baseboards, paint, and a aesthetics.....even £1500 will be a challenge.

So....that's the latest plan at the farm!  Needless to say, this will probably take a while and be the only major project we get around to tackling for a while.  I'll try to keep you updated with the process as we go along!

What are your latest plans? Are you guilty of neglecting you and your hubby's bedroom for the sake of the rest of the house?


  1. Oooh, that is EXCITING!! I love all of the natural light & exposed beams, and your plan for the combination of white furniture & dark wood sounds gorgeous! Can't wait to see how it pans out!!

  2. Thanks, Casey! So far we are still waiting on the electricians to come and do their thing so I can start painting. I WISH THEY WOULD HURRY.

    I'm going to start attacking other areas of the house if they don't get it together soon! haha

  3. I completely understand your situation. The master bedroom in our home was pretty much a dumping ground for all things. Why? I have no clue. lol Laundry would stack up in piles, even though they were clean and I used stacked books and decorating magazines as a night stand. I have been slowly tackling the master and will hopefully be day. ;)

    Best of luck and I am sure your master bedroom will look stunning. You and your husband should have a nice, refreshing, and relaxing retreat after a long day. :D

    1. Thanks Julia? I'm glad it's not just me with the piles (and piles) of clean laundry! ;)


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