Wednesday, 8 May 2013

1. Oh Baby Baby

In the quest to get our act together in the organization department, I have purchased and scrounged lots of storage jars and baskets from near and far. Over the next couple of weeks, my posts will be dedicated to something that can be used as cute, free storage: baby food jars!

We've got a lot of these little jars around here... Elijah loves to eat....and then eat some more.     Even though I have a constant supply of baby food jars, I haven't really done a lot to utilize the fact that they are great little storage containers.  They can also make cute, decorative items around the house.  So, this next couple of weeks, we'll go on a journey of making the baby food jars useful, rather than redundant space suckers that just hang out in a basket on top of the fridge......

What sort of things do you tend to collect with good intentions for using?  Boxes?  Bags? Are you a clear jar hoarder like me?

1 comment:

  1. Ooo I hoard jars too! I keep all the mason jars and mustard jars that have the hinged lids then use them to store dried beans, sugar, flour, homemade jam, nuts etc. I use them for candles, for flowers, for pens... Love them! Excited to see what you'll do with them xxx


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