Sunday, 5 May 2013

The Incomplete Guide to Living

I have been SO inspired recently.  I've been inspired to create. To decorate. To cook. To entertain. I've been inspired in those areas of life that allow me to express my personality and creativity.  I have posted a lot about this recent inspiration on our Wightman family blog , but I was feeling like it was a little bit all over the place....

Sometimes, I want to post pictures of our growing family, give a little insight into what's been going on in our lives, or share some inane ramblings that represent the inner workings of my mind.  Those sort of posts will be taking place over on our family blog. Sometimes, I want to post about household projects, recipes and other home-maker type things....From now on, those creative type posts will be found here. (Early "living" posts from our family page can be found in the archives on the home page of this blog).
I've known for a while that I wanted a more focused place to express my creative side, and I wanted to have a better avenue to share any fun projects or recipes with any of you who may or may not be reading.  I have been brainstorming (and brainstorming some more) trying to come up with a name that would represent what I want this blog to be about. What did I want to the focus to be here?
My initial idea was "A Growing Home" or something along those lines.  Thought about it a bit, and even went so far as to see if the name could be registered, but the blog address was already registered to some German guy.....who tells us all about home growing a certain "herb"...if you know what I mean...and it's not basil. Let's just say, I think Harold and Kumar would really enjoy his blog...if they spoke German. I will be sharing a bit about using herbs in cooking, but I think I should reiterate: they are not of the Harold and Kumar variety....
My creativity has also been flowing recently while planning a couple of parties around a theme. It is so fun to see the little spark of an idea turn into a really fun event.  It's amazing to see people being entertained and enjoying the atmosphere that you've created.
After even more reflecting, I finally had a brain wave: The Perfect Guide to Life.  Then, I thought, "Who the heck am I kidding?! I'm so far from perfect it's not even funny..." And I laughed to myself..... So, I guess technically it is funny. The best part about this whole little thought exchange was that I was reminded again that I have recently admitted to and accepted my imperfections.  I no longer feel a crippling need to do things "perfectly or not at all".  Sure, I like to do things well, but I know that my self worth is not found in perfection.  It's found in everything that makes  It's found in my imperfections. I'm not perfect.  I am a work in progress.  Our home is a work in progress. And I'm okay with that.  

And so, with a little title tweaking, this blog was born: The Incomplete Guide to Living.  I hope you'll read, and I hope you'll enjoy the journey with me and Jim (some projects require a little more technical experience than I possess...No one around here wants to saw off a phalange, am I right? ;-), as we stumble our way through making this giant, old farm house into the best version of the warm, inviting home that we know it can be.

So....have I got your attention?  Will you read The Incomplete Guide to Living?


  1. You got my attention :) Love being in the blogging world with you! xxx

  2. Thanks Vicki! Glad you are can probably give me lots of good tips on crafty things. :-)


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