Monday, 15 April 2013

2013 Big Clean- A Happy Ending (for now)

Well, my house may not be as sparkly and shiny as it was going to be (in my dreams), but I'll tell you what:  we are de-cluttered.  It is nearly impossible to clean to the standard that I would like when there is a very curious (and very mobile) baby trying to help all the time.  Then again, why would I want to clean when I could just play with said curious baby instead?
I mean...seriously. How cute is this kid?
 The main living area, kitchen, and master bedroom and Eli's room got a really good clean, and it feels so great to have gotten rid of all of the stuff that was sitting around just taking up space.  It's like all that junk was clouding my ability to be creative.  And, I'll tell you what, there is a LOT of creativity happening over here recently. I figure that I can clean at any point in time, but this creative wave may only last for a period, so I should probably make the most of it.   Eventually, I'll get around to posting some before and after pictures of the crazy organization that took place, but for now, I shall say goodbye to the 2013 Big Clean.  It's been refreshing, and I'll look forward to next year's reunion.
Buh-bye Junk! I won't miss you at all! 

Have you finished your Big Clean? Did you get everything done that you wanted?  Or, like me, did you realize that sometimes "good enough" really is good enough?

 Now, it's baby shower central at casa de Wightman. Watch this space for a post about a totally Pinspired baby shower for my dear friend, Heather! 

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