Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Big Clean: E-bay Selling Tips and Tricks

So, this post for those of you who have never ventured to sell anything on eBay.  I hadn't either until a couple of weeks ago. We made about £40 from the stuff we sold on eBay after postage and packaging.  We also sold some of our old CD's and DVD's to Music Magpie and got about £20. Bonus! So, I would definitely do it again, but I'd use some of the knowledge I gained from my first sales.  

(photo credit: marketingweek.co.uk)
Here are my tips for selling multiple items at one time on eBay while getting organized for the Big Clean:
  1. Before listing your stuff, make sure you work out what your postage costs will be. I didn't do this and ended up paying about £10 more than I charged people. Duh, right?
  2. Make sure your auctions start/end around the same time.
  3. Make sure you have the packaging you need for all of your items.  I didn't do this and ended up running around like a headless chicken on the day I was shipping all the stuff!
  4. As soon as you have a bid on an item, place the item in the package. Then, label the outside with some masking tape so that you know what it is.  That way, as soon as the auction ends, you can just stick a copy of the buyers invoice in the package, tape it up, and label it with the address of the winning bidder. Easy peasy!
  5. Aim for your auction to end sometime in the evening.  This way, you can make one trip to the post office towards the end of the following business day.  I sold about 8-9 items, and ended up making 3-4 trips to the post office.  What a waste of time!
 Use that money to buy some fun stuff to help you get organized! Or a new purse.  Or shoes.  Or wine.  Whatever. ;-)

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  1. Good tips Beth :) We've been selling lots of our stuff in our own Big Clean/ Big Organize to Pack! We use local selling sites though and drop things off so that we don't have to pay shipping on bigger items. Do you know of local site like that in England? Maybe it's not as popular? Ken was asking the other day and I don't know!
    Lots of love xx


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