Friday, 18 October 2013

Super Scary Pumpkin

Since we've been married, I've never really been that into decorating for Halloween.  I think it mostly has to do with my phobia of pumpkin guts.  I mean, really.  Why are they so gross inside? This year, I wasn't given a choice by my friend Jess.  We were decorating pumpkins.  And we were going to like it!

So, I said I would paint mine, due to aforementioned pumpkin gut-a-phobia.  My friends laughed at and made fun of me, but I was all "Who's laughing now?!" when Jess was digging through the slimy innards of her pumpkin yesterday.  

I wanted to use some paint I already had, so I opted to paint my pumpkin black with chalkboard paint. I drew a spiderweb on it with chalk, and I think you'll agree, it is truly scary.

 I'm usually not a fan of spiders, but this is Claude.  He's cool.
 It was really easy to draw on the spider web with chalk.  I just followed each line of the pumpkin about half way down and then drew little horizontal curved lines in between vertical lines all the way around the pumpkin.  It's not perfect, but I think it's pretty cute!
One thing I found is that the paint doesn't stick very well to the flesh of the pumpkin. If I pressed too hard with the chalk, the paint chipped. So, I just used a black sharpie where needed to "erase" any mistakes or touch up chipped paint. Worked like a charm!

Have you decorated a pumpkin for Halloween?  Or do you go all out and decorate the whole house??

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