Wednesday, 14 August 2013

The Midas Touch {Ikea Curtain Pole Hack}

If you've been reading for a while, you may remember my little friend Goldenballs. Goldenballs, the lamp.  He is round, and cute, and painted gold.

Everyone say "Haaaaay, Goldenballs!"

Ever since Goldenballs has come into my life,  I've had a fever.  And the only cure is more gold accessories. Yesterday.....I took a few steps toward recovery.

We are about a month into the process of updating the master bedroom, {You can see what it looked like before we started here, and since we've painted it and added trim here} and now that the painting is done, I'm in the process of sewing our curtains. Unfortunately, we blew our budget for new curtain rails when we splurged on an Ash chest of drawers from our local antique store.  (More on that some other time).

So...who can guess how I updated our boring, black, box-standard Ikea curtain poles? 

Here's what happened...

1) Took them down off the wall, and removed the brackets/finials.  (This was done before we started painting our room)
3) I slid the curtain poles onto some bamboo sticks, which were stuck in the grass (we use these in our greenhouse)

4) I also sort of balanced the finials on top of some screws that I stuck in the grass .

 *Standing the stuff up like this meant I could spray all sides of everything at once, saving me time waiting to turn stuff over!  (And sorry for the overexposed was sunny out and I didn't realize quite how blown out they were until I uploaded them!)
4) The brackets/screws were placed on a piece of cardboard nearby....nothin' fancy there!
5) Sprayed ALL THE THINGS gold (3-4 light coats).
 Goldenballs is so proud. 

This update, only cost me £3 for a can of gold spray paint, and painting the curtain poles/accessories only took a few minutes (plus drying time).  When I brought them in, I stood them next to the white curtains in our dining room so that I could fantasize about see what they would look like next to our bedroom curtains....
Oh yeah. Come to Mama. 

I also laid them next to a candle lid made of dark wood with silver accents to see how all of the finishes would look together. 
It's a little much all  close together there, but I think that it's going to work really well!  Things are starting to come together, and I'm having a lot of fun planning the finishing touches.

Oh! We now also have a fancy, gold blasted tree in our garden....
Oops! I guess I've got the Midas touch! Hope it doesn't die. I'm out of gold spray paint now, though, so at least the rest of the garden is safe.

What have you been painting gold recently?  What other metals/finishes do you like to mix with gold accessories?


  1. Lovin' the gold! Great way to paint the curtain rods. Yep, I have been using a little gold spray paint in my daughter's room. :)

    1. Thanks, Julie! Gold spray paint is the bomb! I can't quite get on board with brass stuff, but I like that gold spraypaint isn't TOO shiny....know what I mean?

  2. many funny quotes!! Love your post, love your project! I haven't gilded anything at our house yet, but I'm sure that will change when it's time to do some seasonal sprucing!

    1. Oh need to get on this bandwagon a.s.a.p. Don't wait for Christmas. Christmas is NOW.

    2. You totally made me start singing "Here Comes Goldenballs" to the tune of "Here Comes Santa Claus" in mah head. Christmas IS now! ;)

  3. Haaaaay Goldenballs! Sounds like an Austin Powers character. :)

    I'm loving gold accents too and I'm also loving what you did with the curtain rod. That was so clever!

    Annie XO

  4. ohhhhh yeah! I love "goldenballs." hilarious. I also love that you've taken it like a million steps further by spray painting your landscaping. :)

  5. "Haaaaay, Goldenballs!"

    Haha, I am also loving the gold accents. I think it's more antique gold/brass though. Like the romantic/aged kind of gold. We've got plans to bring it into our bedroom too!


  6. goldenballs is in great company with goldenrods!


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