Monday, 29 July 2013

Not Quite White (Master Bedroom Progress)

Well, we are still waiting on electricians to come in and sort some things out in the Master Bedroom.
However, we haven't let that stop us, and last week/weekend we cranked out some serious progress on the project!

Here's what Jim has done so far:
  • Ripped out the old carpet
  • Taken off the old baseboards and door surround
  • Removed/capped off the old radiators
  • Got the new radiator ready to go on 
In the mean time, I have:
  • Measured/Purchased material for the new curtains (£130 total...not bad!)
  • Chosen the new carpet (which will be fitted after everything else is finished
  • Painted the ceiling white
  • Painted the three "main walls". (We have to wait for the electricians to do their thing before painting the last remaining wall- which will be an accent wall). 
So, we've been busy, busy! 

Jim thinks the colour I have chosen for the walls is "white", whereas I would call it a very subtle blue/grey.  Last night, we decided to call it "Not Quite White" 

I love it. It's going to look fabulous once we get that navy accent wall painted! 

What have you been up to for the last week? Any fun projects in the work!

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