Friday, 14 June 2013

Weekend Pinspiration: I Want To Go To There

Sorry for the temporary hiatus this last week.  We just arrived home from a holiday in Somerset with Jim's family, and considering the fact that we are all tired (is 7pm too early for bed?), I wasn't feeling terribly inspired to come up with a "project"y type Pinspiration.  

So, today, all you're getting from me is lots of pretty pictures of places I would like to visit and/or take a nap......

How dreamy are these pool balconies at the  Aquaria Grande Tower in Mumbai?

Anyone up for a woodland/oceanside nap
Or how about a refreshing swim in Tahiti?
Oh...and I would definitely be okay with this....
We had a great time hanging out with Jim's family for a week, and did lots of fun things together! Do you have any upcoming vacation plans?  Where have you been recently that was oh so relaxing?

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