Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Oh Happy Tray!

Well, we are about to go on vacation, and then it's going to be all "Wightman B&B" around here for a couple of weeks after that.  So, for now, my guest room projecting efforts are on a slight standby for the next month or so while we go on holiday, get ready for/entertain guests, and get ready for Elijah's 1st birthday party (WHAT?!).

Bearing all that in mind, I'm switching gears a little for today's post. Don't still involves painting things teal....Actually, I think I have a problem.  I need to cut myself off! I've had this plain, wooden tray for a while. It's a little sad, and it doesn't seem to know what it's purpose is in life (despite walking around with a name tag that says "Tray" on it.....) Plus, it wasn't all that functional either.  There was no protective finish on the wood, so anytime any sort of liquid got spilled on it, you couldn't really wipe it off very easily.  This made me and Tray (as I shall affectionately refer to him from this point forward) sad... :(

 Well, I decided to change all that. I'm sure any normal person would have just painted on a couple of coats of varnish, and called it a day...... but as you will see from the forthcoming dialogue with this inanimate object, I am not always "normal"....  

First, Tray took off its silly name tag. (I used some wood filler). "From this point on," I told him, "you will be secure in your trayhood.  No name tag necessary!"

Tray was all "Uhhh...I don't know...will people know what to do with me?  I mean...will they know that I can help them carry things and stuff?"  

At this point I realized I was talking to a tray, and decided I better just get going with the task at hand.

After the woodfiller dried, I sanded Tray down, and gave him a little clean.

After a coat of primer, two coats of paint, two coats of varnish, and some pretty contact paper, he looked a lot less drab and a lot more fab!

Ladies and Gentlemen, that is one happy Tray! (Cue music: "Oh Happy Day"-- and I mean the SISTER ACT VERSION)

So...who wants to come over so we can sip lemon/lime water in the garden, while we paint our toenails and pretend we are at a fancy spa??

I love this tray now! It will be so much more functional with a wipeable surface, and who doesn't love a little teal?  You guys know I love teal, right? I wasn't sure if I had mentioned that or not...
We do a lot of dining al fresco when the weather is nice (and it is FINALLY nice), so this little  guy has already come in handy.

Do you use trays around your house?  Have you ever done a little tray makeover? I'd love to hear what you did to make a boring tray awesome!

P.S. For those of you concerned for my sanity, I'm hoping it will return with a good night's sleep!  ;-) 

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