Friday, 31 May 2013

Weekend Pinspiration 2: Aqua and Gold Guest Room

Are you guys ready for my latest weekend Pinspiration? An Aqua and Gold Guest Room.

1. Soothing and Fabulous.This aqua and gold bedroom makes me so. happy.  I originally re-pinned it from Centsational Girl, and when I clicked through to the post on House of Turquoise, some of the things I saw made me think I was inside my own brain.  Someone took some of my favorite colors and magically created lots of beautiful things out of them.  (Although...I must admit, I'm a little skeptical about the super shiny, gold bean bags...anyone else?).
2. Let it Shine. While unsure about the gold bean bags, I still do like the idea of a having a bit of gold mixed in with the aqua and neutrals....why not add a gold gallery wall??  How about one like this?
3.Make a Statement with a pattern. One of the things I love about that bedroom is the pop of colour on the walls, but I could never splurge on a giant patterned rug like you see on the floor. (Let's be long are geometric patterns really going to be must haves in our houses?)  I do like the idea of adding neutral patterns to accompany the pop of aqua on the walls.  How fun would this neutral, trellis throw pillow be to add some interest to the room? Notice anything familiar about the pattern? matches the blog, so that's fun.
 4. Bye Bye Box Springs. This pin is one that I've been pondering recently.  We've got a couple of guest beds in the house with ugly box springs, and I feel like this would be so pretty, and not too hard. I love the striped fabric too!  (I tried to share the link, but it seems to be expired!!  It was originally posted by Urban Nest).
5. Hello Function. This next one, is a Pottery Barn special.  I recently refinished some wardrobes, (which I will be sharing with you all soon), and then I came back across this pin.  Light bulb: I should really keep some bedding/towels etc on the shelves in the spare bedroom, so that guests have easier access.  This way, I don't have to do the whole "here are the towels" speech...or at least, I won't have to walk all the way to the bathroom cupboard (ain't nobody got time for that! ;-) to do the "here are the towels" speech. for when I actually get around to creating this guest room (if ever!). Time will tell...  Maybe when Elijah goes off to college?! Although...I did recently create a little gold studded word art for the room, and I am still all about the aqua/gold combo. 

Will you all judge me if every room in our house is a shade of aqua, blue, and/or green?  No?  Good...because that is happening, and it seems to be beyond my control......

P.S.  While you are here, I'd just like to point out that I've made a few changes to the blog that make it easier to follow along. So far, I have a whopping, big fat ZERO followers.  Thanks, guys...thanks a lot. Actually, I guess it's my fault because technically I wasn't really giving you the option (besides following by e-mail) before. So, I've added a couple extra, easy options, meaning there are now three ways you can follow:
 1. Follow ("Join this site") with Google Friend Connect
2. Subscribe to posts or to the whole site via RSS. 
3.  Subscribe via e-mail
All three options are in the bottom of the right sidebar...over there ------------------------------------->

I know someone is reading. Every time I log in, I get a big fat graph in my face showing me how many page views I've had in any particular time period.    I have blocked it from counting my own page views, and I know that my mom hasn't looked at my page 615 times in the last month (That was my original suspicion, but she was at our house....and told me she hadn't even read the blog...... ). That leaves me wondering: who is it that's been reading?  Let me know! Follow along, comment, and just share the love in general. I could use a little extra love, because I am almost out of teal paint.


  1. I'm following :) Love hearing of your projects it makes me feel like I'm right there and you're showing me all the fun things you'e been doing... maybe that will be a reality one day sooon!! Lots of love

  2. Thanks vicky! I can't wait for you guys to be back! :)


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