Wednesday 17 July 2013

Laundry Room Reveal (a.k.a. Take THAT, scary spiders!)

It's finally time..... Who wants a sneaky peak from the kitchen into our new laundry room?

You may want to sit down....this is going to take a while....

Hey, remember that time I had to fight the raging elements, and slay/outmanoeuvre spiders in order to do a load of laundry? Oh wait....that was every day every other day at least once a week for the last 2 years.... "Wow, you must have gotten really behind on the laundry!?"....yeah......... 

Well, I would have done more laundry...but every time I went to the laundry room, it felt a lot like this..

 Look out!  Giant Spider!  Run!  Don't do laundry! maybe it wasn't that bad...but here is where I  had to do the laundry...

Would you like a close up?

True story.

You wouldn't want to do laundry there either, right? Did I mention that it was in a small room outside of the house?  Yeah..not only do you have to battle housewife eating spiders, you also have to trudge through rain and sleet and snow to get there.   


Luckily, I married this guy.....
Not that you guys wanted to know this, but this man has never looked sexier than he did at this very moment in time. He's a spider slaying, laundry room building, modern day knight in shining armour!

When the washer and dryer were moved inside (28th May you think I should get a plaque made?), I was so happy, I thought I could cry. My wonderful hubby has done a total renovation on this room, and I'm super proud of him.  Someone get that man a beer!

Were you hoping for a before and after picture? just so happens that I have a couple on hand...

Oh yeah...did you notice that it's a totally different room?  The room in the top of the photo was outside...Remember?

To better utilize the space in the downstairs bathroom/entryway, Jim knocked out a wall which split the space vertically causing a severe waste of space. Then, he built a new wall which runs more horizontally, and re-did the bathroom. 

Here's another before and after showing the downstairs bathroom as it was, and the way the space is now.
 It looks like a totally different room!  The before picture doesn't quite show the whole room as it was, but it's the only one we have.  (We wouldn't have even had that if Jim hadn't snapped it on his phone before knocking stuff down!)

No before and after post would be complete without closeups of the details....

I scored 5 fishbowl style light shades for £3.50, because they were part of a chandelier with faulty electrics..... we (Jim) ghetto rigged two of them for the utility room!
 Remember that post about my DIY Laundry Room Art ? Here it is hanging up....with a snazzy new mirror!  (Hands up if you can say "Ikea"...)
 The units have pretty, brushed pewter style knobs....which are super easy for Elijah to open.  A definite bonus when storing cleaning supplies in the laundry room!  (Dohh!)
 Here is a fantastic, custom doormat that my brother-in-law gave Jim for his birthday. He made a design of a cross between an American and British flag--so fitting!
 No room is complete without fresh flowers....and check out our awesome candle ......
 The sink is a great place to do hand washing, and the shower is perfect for hanging stuff in to dry if needed!  I like the picture on the window sill, which I took in the gardens at Versailles a few years back.
Here's one last view--looking back towards the door...
Do you like how I saved the photo showing the too-short, brown curtain that I haven't gotten around the changing yet until last?  Me too....just keepin' it real.

There are a few things (like that curtain and adding some hooks/ shelving) that still need to be addressed.  But over all, we are DONE with this room for now!

Have you done any major renovations in your home recently? Do your husbands also slay giant, wife-eating spiders armed only with screwdrivers, and tape measures?

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  1. Beth this looks ace!!! Well done you guys! Aren't handy husbands the best!?

    We've been doing major renovations too! Our living room has gone from dirty-dingy 70's to beautiful Edinburgh retreat! Alan has hacked and sawn and plastered and wallpapered! We discovered a recessed bookcase and a tiled hearth! Exciting times! Love making a house/flat a home! Esme :)

  2. Thanks again, Esme! Can't wait to see you guys soon!

  3. Holy cow, Beth, this is amazing! I totally agree that handy hubbies are fantastic, and I LOVE your personalized doormat. ;) Thanks for linking up to Give Me the Goods!

    Rachel @ Maison de Pax

  4. Thanks, Rachel! It definitely makes doing laundry more pleasant! :)

  5. We are just wrapping up our laundry room re-do and I can't believe that I actually don't mind doing laundry now. You're space looks incredible. I really love the butcher board countertop and the art work. Beautiful!


  6. Thanks, Kristin! I just popped over to see yours! So cute- can't wait to see the rest!

  7. Wow! I love the paint colour and the counter top. Your laundry room looks fantastic!

  8. WOW! This makeover is absolutely incredible! I am happy that you no longer have to go outside to do laundry. Your husband did an amazing job and I love how you have decorated the room. :D

  9. Thanks again, Julia! I'm also happy not to have to go outside any more! Even though the weather has been really nice since we finished the laundry room inside! (Go figure!! ;) )

  10. Wow! I'm so jelous Beth! That room looks great and you've made the absolute most of the space! Our house doesn't have a laundry room at the moment (just an impractical washer-dryer in the kitchen)and I'm seriously considering moving homes for that reason! :o)

  11. Thanks, Gaby! I think having a good space to do laundry is important....otherwise it just doesn't get done! (At least that's how it worked around here! ;) Thanks for stopping by! :)

  12. Love good style of writing ... a pleasure to read :) aren't super handy husband's the best thing ever? I feel bad for my handicapped sisters worldwide whose husbands just shrug their shoulders and call for the expensive handy man. Off to tackle my laundry now ;)


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