Wednesday 28 August 2013

Something's Brewing {Coffee Bar}

In our dining room, we have this amazing open china cabinet/sideboard (I'm not really sure what else to call this piece of furniture?).  I was always a little stumped when it came to decorating it, and what it's function should be.

Then, I decided one evening while I was thinking about that sweet life giving nectar coffee, that I'd really like to have a coffee bar in our house.....

Problem solved.

Now, there’s a few ways I styled the coffee bar before I landed on this set up. 

First, I started with a bare bones coffee bar…..Cups, Tea Pot/ French Press, Coffee maker, etc.  It was a little too simple for my taste…and didn’t really have that fun factor I was after.

  I did add a little blue and white fabric as a runner to break up all of the wood. 
 It was nice, but still not quite what I was after!

 We usually have a nice bag of coffee beans that we reserve for weekends and guests, so I thought it would be fun  and add a bit of interest if I displayed  the fancy coffee bag so that our guests could see what was brewing.

So,  I tried this set up....

I displayed our fancy coffee and some candles on a cake plate....

I liked the cake plate setup, but  I wasn't totally sold.

Then, I found a great pillar candle holder for £1 at Matalan, and I knew what I had to do….it spoke to me and said "Thou shalt display thy coffee upon my head, and all shall know what breweth".  True story. (Not really).

The  chalkboard adds a bit of whimsy, and I think this is an interesting way to use a candle holder!  It's my favourite set up, for sure.

When we ran out of our fancy coffee, I just re-arranged a little again, and grouped some candles together on one side, so it looked something like this:
As you can see, there are plenty of ways you can style up a coffee bar in your dining room!  
 I'm already looking forward to decirating it for CHRISTMAS! 

What?  It's not even September yet?  

Sigh.  I love Christmas....  ANYWAY.

Who wants to see how I styled this piece before it was a coffee bar? It's pretty confused and neglected.  Hey, at least I made sure that china cabinet   sideboard mystery furniture was feeling the love....(I do like that word art and frame....I think it was just a little too much love all in one place!)
 And let's remind ourselves how she looks now!

Much happier.  

Who wants to hear the best part? This coffee bar only cost £1.  

We had all of the tea and coffee supplies already.  The only purchase was the candle!

Do you have a coffee bar in your house yet? How did you style it? Can anyone tell me what that piece of furniture is called?

*My husband got the coffee grinder/canister before we were idea where he got them!  
Here is a similar style grinder on Amazon.
Here is a similar style canister on Amazon.

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  1. Beth, this is fabulous!! It looks like something you would see at a B&B.

    1. Thanks Erin! :) It will be so much better for entertaining!

  2. Very cute and classy! :-) Visiting from Whatever Goes Wednesday.

  3. Love it!! Makes me want to brew up a batch right now. We have some pretty cool coffee shops down at the beach & they sell some wild flavors -- everything from Birthday Cake to Cotton Candy! What's your favorite kind of coffee?

    1. Crazy! Not sure how I would feel about cotton candy coffee?!

      At the minute, we are into Cuban Serrano. It's roasted over cuban cigar is THE BOMB!

  4. Wow, that looks amazing. Love the photography too :-)

  5. I want to go make myself a cup of coffee or hot cocoa and curl up with a good book. ;) This is so beautiful and inviting. Well done! :D

    1. Thanks, Julie! All are welcome at the Wightman B&B anytime! ;)

  6. Very nice! I've been toying with the idea of a coffee station - just not sure where I'd put it. Yours is lovely (and I like how candle holders speak to you in KJV, lol)

  7. the piece of furniture is called a sideboard.
    I love your after picture! On my way downstairs to redecorate my coffee bar
    :) inspired!

  8. I want this in my house!!


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