Thursday, 23 May 2013

Weekend Pinspiration: Word Artsy

So, I don't know if anyone else has this problem, but i have a habit of collecting picture frames.  Empty ones.  I don't mean to! I just....I get given them as gifts  (they make great gifts!), or I see them at a thrift store (what? they are great finds. Also...I may have bought a couple more today...woops!)), and then they sit there...... Sometimes, they even get painted.....and still....they sit there, with nary a picture to be found tucked inside their cozy, glass hug.  Alas, they are sad, lonely frames. :-( I just find it so overwhelming when I try to choose a picture to go in them.  Then, there's the fact that it requires effort to upload/print pictures. Thank goodness we don't live in the good ol' days of film anymore, or those poor frames would never fulfil their destiny.

The good news is, I recently got a new camera (yay!), so I must now figure out how to use it (working on it...), so that should help....but in the mean time I've been thinking about attempting some word art to fill the frames. I went a-Pinteresting for some word art ideas, even though I already have a few ideas of my own, and I thought I'd share a few inspiring designs in this post..the very first Weekend Pinspiration!

Weekend Pinspiration posts will take place here on Fridays. They will range from recipes, to DIY projects, to home decor and whatever else is inspiring me in any particular week! 

I strayed a little (okay a LOT) from the sad, empty frames....but we found lots of other fun ideas, and a few ideas to help those empty frames feel a little more love.

1. "Create in me a clean heart, O God"
 I sweet is it that Kelly thought to use this verse in her beautiful new laundry room?!  It is absolutely one of my favorite Psalms, and I have already informed her of my intentions to steal this verse (and maybe even her free printable) for our own laundry room re-do...which is very close to being done functional!

2. Tasty Testimonies
While we are on the subject of Bible verses, let's just discuss the possibility of displaying them in fun, fruity shapes. How adorable would some fruit shaped Bible verse art be in the kitchen?!
3. Stencilled furniture.
In case you weren't sure what to do with this awesome SIT on it of course! 

 4......and more stenciled furniture.  
Did we really think those frames were getting filled today? Sorry to disappoint you. Since we are distracted anyway, I really like this idea of using definitions as word art. (I couldn' get linked up to the original link, but here's a link to my pin. Maybe you will have more success tracing this image to the source, and giving them a round of applause!)
 5. Good as Gold
This thumb tack word art is just adorable!  Cute... and CHEAP! I could finish it in a day without requiring Jim's help...yay! (This is very important for projects right now, since he is in the middle of working on the laundry room...) I bought the stuff to make something along these lines soon.  Don't worry...I'll be sure to share my experience, and the end result if it turns out well. :)

Anyone else out there find it completely overwhelming deciding what pictures/art to put into frames? How do you stop empty frames taking over your life? I could probably just stop buying them...but who wants to do that?

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